utorok 1. marca 2016

Manda-Ball - Dodecahedron (English)

One of my other work is also the coloring-cutout ball.
It is created in several versions, so you can choose the your.
What you'll need:

  1. scissors
  2. glue
  3. ruler
  4. blunt knife
  5. needle
  6. A template itself

At the beginning, mark a blunt knife edge which we will wrap.
From the bottom, you should have a nice line of dents
Followed by the actual clipping, turn the edges and we can start to glue.

For example, the following ... but the recommendation is: to let one tab open at the end, so you should leave it better (this is probably the biggest obliqueness).

The needle will serve in the event that you forfeit the bottom side.

Another possibility is without glue. All you need is patience and a good pair of scissors.



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